What the Three Little Pigs can Teach us About Home Security

The story of the three little pigs, like many children’s stories of bygone days, was written with a purpose in mind.There are lessons for children to learn and one of the best ways they, or any of us for that matter, learn those lessons is through stories. The story of the Three Little Pigs teaches us a lot about sticking together, about improvisation, standing your ground, and about being as crafty as your foe. Let’s take a look at how the three little pigs handled their encounters with the big bad wolf and what it can teach us about home security.

Lesson number one: Have an alternative plan

What the Three Little Pigs can Teach us About Home SecurityThe first little pig built his house of straw and the wolf promptly destroyed it. That little pig ran to his brother’s house of sticks but the wolf destroyed that as well. The story doesn’t make clear whether they thought their flimsy building materials would make their homes secure or if they just used what was at hand. In any case they had a plan: run to Percival’s house. Percival made his house from bricks and they knew they would be safe there. The plan was simple but it worked. In fact when it comes to back up plans a simple one is often best because it reduces the possibility of error.

Although this might be a simplistic example, it really does remind us that our plans often prove to be flawed. One aspect or another of our home security system might fail. If that happens is there an alternative plan in place. At the very least will we be able to think clearly in a life and death situation?

Lesson number two: Be as crafty as the intruder

After the first two little pigs got to their brother’s brick house the big bad wolf tried to blow that house down. He quickly found however that in that once upon a time and that never really was space that bricks made a pretty good home security system for little pigs. In spite of his windiest efforts he was unable to gain entrance.

However, this villain was not just another burglar. He was a home invader intent on destroying the brothers. So he tried to trick them. He knew they would have to eat and so, feigning friendship, invited them to meet him in the local orchard at a certain time. The piggies agreed but then they tricked the trickster. Instead of going at the appointed hour and becoming wolf breakfast they went an hour early. According to some versions of the story they did this three days in a row before the wolf gave up.

Just as the wolf had a plan to kill and eat the little pigs home invaders will have a plan to ruin your life. In such cases use your brains to come up with a plan to foil their sinister one.

Lesson number three: Always be prepared to improvise

When the wolf found the little pigs were too smart for him he decided once again to attack them in their home. This time, however, he didn’t even try the huff and puff frontal attack. He went right up the roof to the chimney, the one spot from which the little brothers were vulnerable. Fortunately for them, they had a simple but effective home security monitoring system. It consisted entirely of keeping their eyes, ears, and noses open; it was working well that day so they were prepared for the wolf as he slid down the chimney

The little pigs had placed a kettle of boiling water directly under the chimney and the wolf fell in. The point isn’t to come up with novel ways to kill intruders, the point is to be able to think on your feet and come up with novel ways to deal with problems you don’t expect.

Some final lessons: Stick together, stand your ground, and don’t be intimidated.

The three little pigs stuck together. They worked together, they outwitted the wolf together. We need to stick together as well. Neighborhood watches have the potential for being a very valuable deterrent to crime. If neighbors get to know each other and care for each other the chances that they will really want to keep each others home safe increases.

Once they were together the little pigs stood their ground and refused to be intimidated. The story doesn’t say they went out of their way to fight the wolf, that would have been foolish. We don’t need to change who we are to have effective home security, we just need to stand firm in the face of adversity.