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One in five households complains of signs of moisture on the walls. National restoration experts’ water damage repair effectively treats moisture and sanitizes from your walls permanently.

Spot the traces of moisture

The moisture present in the walls can be manifested in different ways:

  • Moisture spots on part or all of a surface
  • Mold at the bottom of the wall or window edges,
  • Wall wet to the touch,
  • Detachment / blistering of wall coverings such as paint or wallpaper,
  • Decomposition odors
  • Salt solution or efflorescence

Search for the causes of humidity

There are many possible causes for a wall to be wet.

  • Poor ventilation: the moisture does not escape, or evacuates badly, resulting in condensation, mold, etc.
  • The capillary rise: the water contained in the soil (in case of absence or failure of a waterproofing membrane at the base of a wall) rises through the capillaries of the wall,
  • Accidental causes: water damage by pipe breakage or any flood;
  • Moisture coming from the outside: moisture from the walls caused by infiltration because the facade coating is no longer effective (fissures), obsolete facade stones or damaged joints.

Sometimes depending on the extent of the damage (especially for infiltrations) it is better to involve a building professional or an expert to obtain an accurate diagnosis.

Treat the problem of humidity

It is therefore necessary to treat the source and clean the walls. Take care of this step, especially if you are planning or decorating.

  • Carry out work to avoid humidity again (different solutions are possible according to the origin of the humidity)
  • Improve your ventilation with for example the installation of a single flow VMC or double flow to fight against condensation,
  • Check, clean, repair or replace your ventilation system. In the bathrooms and the kitchen, adopt the right reflexes to prevent moisture,
  • Inject resin into your wall to fight against capillary rise and infiltration of water,
  • Carry out drainage to clean up your foundations by allowing a better evacuation of the rain water,
  • Install a waterproof membrane to protect your foundations.
  • In the event of pipeline leakage: repair immediately to avoid water damage.

Carry out decoration work following the damage

Let it dry for several days and find that the wall is definitely dry,

Brush / clean the wall completely, emphasizing the part that was affected by the humidity,

Option: apply a water repellent type surface treatment: apply with a roller or brush, depending on the type of product one or two layers will be needed.


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